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American Gold & Silver Exchange is a subsidiary of publicly traded DGSE Companies, Inc. (AMEX - DGC), one of the largest retail jewelry, rare coin and precious metal stores in the United States. Over the last 20 years we have spent more than $500,000,000 assisting tens of thousands of customers by providing immediate cash for unwanted valuables.

Why does AGSE pay more for my valuables?

Our competitors melt
your valuables
  We can often resell you valuables to our customers   How AGSE values your items
Why sell your valuables for only their precious metal weight?   When you can sell your items for MORE MONEY!   How AGSE Values Your Items

When you sell to most companies your valuables are purchased based only on their weight in precious metals. This is because refiners simply melt your items for their gold, silver or platinum content. AGSE is different. Because we can resell many of the items we purchase at our retail stores and affiliated companies across the United States, we are able to pay the highest prices for your valuables. Our retail and wholesale locations have an immediate inventory need for Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rare Coins, Currency and pre-owned Diamonds, Jewelry, Watches, Collectibles and Estate Items. AGSE has a team of professional Gemologists, Numismatists and Assayers on staff to evaluate your items NOW and pay INSTANT CASH!


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